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5-Axis Control Machining Using Side-Milling Cutter

Y.Takeuchi, K.Morishige, M.Yokoyama and T.Hisaki

Jounal of Advanced Automation Technology, Vol.7, No.1 (1995) 60-65

The study deals with 5-axis control tool path generation for side-milling cutters by making use of 5-axis control machining centers having the potential of high efficiency and accuracy. Concerning 5-axis control machining, there are two methods of using cutting edges; using the top part such as ball end mill and using the side part described in this study. Most of 5-axis control machining is probably executed by the former; however, there are some cases where the latter exerts the validity. In this study, the system enables collision-free tool path generation for side-milling cutters which is transformed to actual 5-axis control NC data, taking into account the structure of 5-axis control machining centers. The validity of the system is experimentally confirmed.

Five-axis control machining with side-milling cutter

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1995, by K.Morishige