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Collision-free Tool Path Generation Using 2-Dimensional C-Space for 5-Axis Control Machining

Koichi Morishige, Kiwamu Kase, Yoshimi Takeuchi

The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol.13,No.6,pp.393-400.

This study deals with the method of collision avoidance in the automatic tool path generation for 5-axis control machining. The 5-axis control machining offers the potential of efficient and accurate machining, while the collision between a tool and surrounding objects is still a severe problem. The method devised in this study realizes the judgment on the possibility of collision avoidance at the position where the collision take place, and produces the direction of collision avoidance, based on the 2-dimensional configuration space (C-Space) defined by two parameters which determine the tool posture. This method allows a test workpiece with overhanging parts to be actually milled without collision. As a result, the validity of the method is experimentally confirmed.

Cutting Experiment 1 Cutting Experiment 2

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