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Effective 5-Axis Control Machining Using Conicoid End Mill


JSPE Publication Series 2, Rapid Product Development, (1997.8) pp.313-322.

The study deals with 5-axis control tool path generation for machining sculptured surfaces by using a conicoid end mill. The sphere part of a ball end mill is in general utilized in case of machining sculptured surfaces having a wide variety of curvatures. However, it takes much time to machining such complicated sculptured surfaces with high accuracy because of the necessity of small amount of pick feed, which causes the reduction in machining efficiency. To solve this problem, we devised a conicoid end mill and developed the main processor of machining a swept surface by use of paraboloid end mill, which is a kind of conicoid end mills. The adequate selection of cutting edge part allows a large amount of pick feed and a good surface roughness in finishing. As a result, it is experimentally found that the conicoid end mill for potential of machining a sculptured surface with high accuracy and efficiency.

Paraboloid end mill Machined surface

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1997, by K.Morishige