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NC Data Generation for Five-Axis Control Machining Using Curved Interpolation
-Application of Five-Dimensional Non-Uniform B-spline Curve-


Proceedings of 1st International Seminar on PRogress in Innovative Manufacturing Engineering (PRIME2001), pp.89-94 (Sestri Levante [Genoa], Italy, June 20-22, 2001)

The study describes NC data generation method for five-axis machining using curved interpolation. In conventional linear interpolation, the amount of NC data tends to increase with increasing the geometrical accuracy of workpiece configurations, which often leads to the reduction in feed speed of machine tools. On the contrary, the curved interpolation requires only a few parameters to express workpiece configurations. In this study, five-dimensional non-uniform B-spline is employed to compress NC data by the curved interpolation. NC data can be significantly reduced by appropriately selecting knot vectors using the equivalent-curvature-area-division-method. From experimental results, it is confirmed that the curved interpolation has the potential of reducing the amount of NC data without deteriorating the surface roughness and machining accuracy.

Five-Axis Machining

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2001, by K.Morishige