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Rapid 5-Axis Control Tool Path Generation by Means of Linearly Interpolated C-Space

Tomoyasu KOBATA, Koichi MORISHIGE and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

Proceedings of 3rd CIRP International Seminar on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering (ICME2002), pp.257-262 (Ischia, Italy, July 3-5, 2002)

The study deals with the tool attitude determination for 5-axis control machining, considering the interference between the tool and the workpiece. CAM systems capable of interference-free tool path generation are strongly required. To solve the problem, 2-D C-Space was proposed, which expresses the relationship between the tool attitudes and the tool interference. In this study, CAM system is improved to shorten the calculation time of the interference and to increase the robustness in the calculation stability, using linear C-Space. As a result, a new CAM system shows the potential of producing complicated shapes like a closed impeller with overhanging parts.

Closed Impeller Machining Simulation Simulated result

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