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Optimum Path Generation for 5-Axis Control Machining Considering Tool Attitude Change


Proceedings of The 35rd CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, pp.255-259 (Saarbrucken, Germany, June 3-5, 2003)

The 5-axis control machining has a lot of advantages in the machining of complex shapes such as impeller and propeller, also in the rational use of cutting tools, and so on. However, the wide use of 5-axis control machining is very difficult because CAM software which can calculate the cutter location data while considering the tool interference problem is nonexistence. We have proposed the tool path generation method for 5-axis control machining using an original configuration space, and shown that a smooth and interference-free tool path can be generated based on the selected machining strategy. However, the conventional method generates cutter locations in each path by interpolating the calculated local tool attitudes at several cutting points. Therefore, generated paths were not ideal when evaluating the entire path due to a large amount of redundant movements. In this study, the initial cutter location and attitudes after interference avoidance are decided while referring to all of the configuration space information at several cutting points. The devised method can generate the best cutter location with the least amount of the change in tool attitude. Finally, the method is implemented to the original CAM software for 5-axis control machining. As a result, it is experimentally found that the system enables the optimum 5-axis control machining.

CL data generated by conventional method CL data generated by proposed method

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