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Optimum Tool Path Generation for 5-Axis Control Machining Considering Change in Tool Attitude for Whole of Machining Surface


Proceedings of 6th International Conference on Machine Automation (ICMA2006),
(Seinajoki, Finland, June 7-8, 2006)

Some commercial 3-dimensional CAM software are already offered, which consider the tool interference problem and allow us the interference-free 5-axis controlled machining. However, the policy of CAM software to the tool interference avoidance is that the modification of tool attitude is done only at where the tool interference is detected. Thus, the tool attitude suddenly changes with the redundant movement, and causes the over and under cutting. We have already proposed the tool path generation method using the original configuration space. In the previous paper, the interference-free cutter location with a minimum change in tool attitude was generated while referring to all of the configuration space information at several cutting points. In this study, all tool attitudes are decided by referring to the configuration space information of an entire machining surface. The continuousness of tool attitude change in the direction of not only tool feed but also pickfeed is considered, and the tool path generation method for the optimum 5-axis controlled machining is developed. As a result, the usefulness of the devised CAM software is experimentally confirmed.

CL data generated by conventional method@ CL data generated by proposed method
Surface machined by conventional method@ Surface machined by proposed method

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