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Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining with Consideration of Motion of Two Rotational Axes

Koichi MORISHIGE and Makoto KANEKO

Proceedings of 4th CIRP International Conference on High Performance Cutting (HPC2010), VOL.2, pp.153-158.
(24-26 Oct., 2010, Nagaragawa International Convention Center, Gifu, Japan)

CAM software for 5-axis controlled machining is separated into a main-processor that calculates cutter location (CL) data, and a post-processor that converts CL data into the numerical control (NC) data for controlling machine tool. Therefore, the movement of machine tool cannot be considered in CL data calculation process. So, the CL data might be converted into the NC data containing the problematic machine movement such as the sudden change and reversal in rotational axes that might cause the machining error.

Moreover, in the 5-axis controlled machining with complicated movements of machine tool, the expected machining accuracy could not be obtained due to the decrease in the follow-up of driving axes and the mechanical stiffness, etc. In order to cope with the abovementioned problems, it is necessary to generate the CL data while referring to a machine tool information.

In this paper, tool postures at each cutting point are decided in consideration of the movement of two rotational axes by applying the original configuration space (C-Space) that shows the location of two rotational axes with one point in the 2-dimensional space. And, the CL data without the reversal in two rotational axes that might cause machining error is calculated. In addition, CL data for the fixed 1-axis + simultaneous 4-axis machining and the fixed 2-axis + simultaneous 3-axis machining are generated by controlling the number of used rotational axes, and the machining that maintains the mechanical stiffness becomes possible. Finally, the proposed tool path generation method was mounted on our test bed of CAM software, the estimation of CL data, the machining simulation, and the machining experiment were done, and the utility of the developed method was examined.

Concept of machine coordinate C-Space@ Path search by using A* algorithm

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