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Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining with Consideration of Motion of Two Rotational Axes

Koichi Morishige and Makoto Kaneko

International Journal of Automation Technology, Vol.5, No.3, pp.412-419 (2011.5).

In this paper, the original configuration space is applied to generate tool path, which indicate locations of two rotational axes of a 5-axis controlled machine tool. Moreover, A-star algorithm that is one of the methods for route searching is applied to decide tool postures considering the motion of two rotational axes. The developed method can generate tool path limiting the number of used rotational axes, and reducing the moving amount of two rotational axes. Furthermore, the method can generate tool path that avoids the reverse rotation of two rotational axes, which might cause the machining error. As a result, an excellent finished surface is actually obtained, and the usefulness of the developed method is confirmed.

Concept of machine coordinate C-Space  Path search by using A* algorithm

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