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Tool Path Generation for Five-Axis Controlled Machining with Consideration of Structural Interference

Tomoyuki Kanda and Koichi Morishige

International Journal of Automation Technology, Vol.6, No.6, pp.710-716 (2012.11)

In the case of five-axis controlled machining, the machine components such as tables, spindles, and columns take various locations, so interference may occur among machine components. In commercial CAM software used five-axis controlled machining, however, structural interference is not considered. Output Cutter Location (CL) data may therefore cause structural interference. In this report, locations of the machine components where structural interference may occur are calculated and a tool path generation method considering the above-mentioned problem of interference is developed. The effectiveness of the devised technique was confirmed experimentally as a result of machining simulation.

Comparison of machining simulation in table/spindle-tilting type

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