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Effect of Tilting Direction-Angle and Pick Feed Direction on Tilt Milling with Ball End Mill

Mitsuru Terada and Koichi Morishige

Proceedings of The 18th International Conference on Precision Engineering (ICPE 2020), A-4-10
(Kobe, Japan, November 23-27, 2020).

The 5-axis controlled machine tool enables machining of complicated shapes by tilting a tool. In the case of tilt milling with a ball end mill on a 5-axis controlled machine tool, the cutting force and surface roughness may change depending on the tilting direction and angle of the tool and the pick feed direction. Therefore, the knowledge and experience are required to determine the cutting condition in the operation of making tool path. This research purpose is to elucidate the cutting mechanism in the tilt milling and its effects in the c utting result. In this report, the effects of the difference in the tilting direction, angle and the pick feed direction on the surface appearance are mainly discussed.

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