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Six-Axis Control Finishing for Character Line

Tatsuya HISAKI, Koichi MORISHIGE and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

Proceedings of International Conference on Manufacturing Milestones toward the 21st Century (MM21), pp.409-414.
(Tokyo International Forum,Tokyo,Japan,July 22-25,1997)

The study deals with the development of control software to form a so-called character line, which means an intersectional line between two sculptured surfaces. The clear character line, one of the most important elements to make high quality die and mold products, is generally difficult to create by 3- to 5-axis control machine tools with conventional rotational cutting tools such as ball end mills, because there remains hardly removable round on the character line. Thus, the round is normally removed by hand lapping, which requires the skill and experience of workers. In the study, a new approach is proposed to finish the character line by using a non-rotational cutting tool, which is mounted on a 6-axis control machining center. Two machining methods to create the character line are investigated from the viewpoint of surface roughness and ease of creation, that is, one-path method and two-path one. The former gives priority to removing remains formed in the previous rough-finishing such as ball end milling. The latter places emphasis on sharpening the character line. Based on these two methods, 6-axis control machining of character line was carried out. As a result, it is experimentally found that 6-axis control machining enables the creation of character line.

Six-axis character line machining

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1997, by K.Morishige