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6-Axis Control Finishing of Sculptured Surface by Non-Rotational Cutting Tool

Y. Takeuchi, K. Wada, M. Yokoyama and K. Morishige

Proceedings of 1998 Japan-U.S.A. Symposium on Flexible Automation, Volume 2, pp.815-821.
(Otsu,Japan,July 12-15,1998)

The study deals with an effective finishing of sculptured surface by making use of six-axis control. six-axis control implies that a cutting tool allows three rotational movements for positioning as well as three translational ones. A six-axis control machining center developed is equipped with a main spindle capable of tool orientation in addition to conventional five-axis control structure. A non-rotational cutting tool is mounted at the main spindle to carry out the six-axis control machining, which allows a variety of machining possibilities. In the study, a control software of sculptured surface finishing with change in tool attitude is presented in combination with three-axis to five-axis control machining technology.

Six-axis control surface finishing Display of six-axis cutter location data

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