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Six-Axis Control Character Line Finishing Using Ultrasonic Vibrational Cutting Tool


Initiative of Precision Engineering at The Beginning of a Millennium,
10th Inernational Conference on Precision Engineering (ICPE), July 18-20, 2001, Yokohama, Japan.
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston/Dordrecht/London, pp.249-253

The study deals with six-axis control character line finishing with the use of vibrational cutting tool. Six-axis control machining with non-rotational tools is a potential method to make a clear character line shape. However, the machining produces not good results due to the low cutting speed. In the study, the vibrational cutting is applied, which is effective in solving the problem such as low cutting speed. The cutter location data must be generated on the basis of the workpiece CAD data, considering the characteristic of the vibrational tool. The effectiveness of the devised method is experimentally confirmed.

CL data for six-Axis machining Six-axis vibrational cutting

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2001, by K.Morishige