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Highly Efficient and Accurate Machining Using Five-Axis and Six-Axis Control

Koichi MORISHIGE, Feliciano H. JAPITANA, Syugo YASUDA, Yuya IZAWA and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

Proceedings of The 35rd CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, pp.486-491 (Seoul, Korea, May 13-15, 2002)

5-axis control machining can create workpieces with complicated shape difficult to machine by 3-axis control. Moreover, 6-axis control machining can cope with workpieces impossible to machine by rotational tools since it can control the direction of non-rotational tool. Though 5-axis control machining which uses rotational tools is advantageous in terms of the machining efficiency, the cutting remainings peculiar to the rotational tool take place at the corner part of workpiece shape. On the other hand, 6-axis control machining can machine the corner part, which cannot be removed with the rotational tool, though it has the low machining efficiency. The use of two machining methods together seems to be very effective to improve the machining efficiency. This research investigates the highly efficient and accurate machining method using 6-axis control machining together with 5-axis control one. The algorithm to generate the cutter location data is developed in consideration of the use of 5-axis and 6-axis control machining, and it is implemented to the integrated CAM software for 5-axis and 6-axis control machining. As a result, it is experimentally found that the system enables the effective and accurate machining.

Five-axis cutting Six-axis vibrational cutting

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