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Six-Axis Controlled Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting in Fabrication of a Sharp Corner

Feliciano H. JAPITANA, Koichi MORISHIGE and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

International Journal of Advance Manufacturing and Technology, Vol.21, No.8, pp.564-570.

The completion of machining in one setting leads to high accuracy and quality. Since ordinary machining is not capable of fabricating sharp corners, electrical discharge machining (EDM) is used. However, this requires a highly skilled machinist to set up the workpiece to maintain the accuracy of the product since two or more set-ups are involved in this process. In this study, a new manufacturing method for the fabrication of sharp corners is examined experimentally. Six-axis controlled cutting using bore byte tool with the application of ultrasonic vibration has been applied in this method. Experimental results have shown the applicability of this method in the fabrication of sharp corners.

Actual six-axis control USV cutting Before six-axis control USV cutting After six-axis control USV cutting

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