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3-Dimensional Machining of Groove with Edges on Oblique or Curved Surfaces by Means of 6-Axis Control Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting

Feliciano H. JAPITANA, Koichi MORISHIGE and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

Proceedings of 2004 Japan-USA Symposium on Flexible Automation (Denver, Colorado, July 19-21, 2004)

The study presents a new machining technique to manufacture a groove with edges on oblique or curved surfaces by means of 6-axis control cutting with the application of ultrasonic vibrations. Customarily, grooves on wall surfaces are produced by rotational cutting tool, however, the process generates an arc-like radius remains at the cutting end points and gives restrictions to manufacture a 3-dimensional groove with edges. The study deals with a CAM software for 6-axis control cutting of groove with edges on oblique or curved as well as the effect of applying the ultrasonic vibrations in machining. Based on the machining results, the validity of the new machining technology has been experimentally confirmed.

Results of machining experiments

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