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Development of CAT System to Evaluate 2-Dimensional Geometric Elements Using X-ray CT

Naoki ASAKAWA, Masatoshi IZAWA, Makoto OOTAKI and Yoshimi TAKEUCHI

Proceeding of the 4th JAPAN-FRANCE CONGRES & 2nd ASIA-EUROPE CONGRESS on MECHATRONICS, Volume 1, pp.562-567.
(Kitakyushu, Fukuoka JAPAN, October 6-8, 1998)

This study deals with X-ray CT technology to inspect the inside of parts without destroying them. At present, there is few software capable of processing X-ray CT scanned data. Therefore, the function was developed to treat the data to evaluate geometric elements, based on CAD data as the standard of inspection. After the coordinate system of scanned data is automatically related with that of CAD data, the system evaluates geometric elements, for example, by the contour of workpiece as a cluster of segments. For the evaluation, the system cuts the contour of CAD data on the appointed cross-sectional plans and separates them to geometric elements such as straight lines, circular arcs, and the others. To compare CAD data with the X-ray CT scanned data, the system calculates the straigtness and angle deviation from the direction vector of a straight line, and the roundness and eccentricity of a circular arc. In addition, the system offers a visualization interface to display them so that the users utilize the evaluated result comfortably. As a result, the CAT system is found effective to evaluate 2-dimensional geometric elements.

CAD model Matching of X-ray CT image and CAD data

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