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Development of Operation Interface for Machine Tool using 6-DOF Haptic Device -Guidance of Tool Movement Using Force Sence-

Syuhei Kobori and Koichi Morishige

Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 516, pp.337-342 (2012)

In the previous report, the operation interface for multi-axis controlled machine tools was developed by using the haptic device that is used in the field of virtual reality and it was changed from the haptic device with 3-DOF to that with 6-DOF. In order to improve the system, more useful functions should be added. In this report, the function to guide the tool in consideration of the toolfs characteristic is developed. The square end mill canft cut at its bottom part. So, when the bottom part contacts the removal shape, the square end mill should be guided to the posture contacting at the side part by the force sense. The experiment supposed the machining of the curved surface was done. In the case of using the developed function, the number of the contacts at the bottom part of the tool was decreased. As the result, the usefulness of the developed function was actually confirmed.

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