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Development of Turning Machine Operation Interface that Uses Haptic Device

Raiyo OKA and Koichi MORISHIGE

International Journal of Automation Technology, Vol.8, No.3, pp.445-451 (2014.5)

This study aims to develop a turning system that uses a haptic device as a new operation interface to enable even beginners to operate a turning machine easily and safely. The haptic device is important because it can provide the user with sensations of physical force, such as shocks or vibrations, in the virtual space. These sensations of force function to guide the operator to suitable operation by limiting tool movement. In this study, a system is developed to teach, using the haptic device, the toolmovements in machining shapes in a virtual space. The tool movement that is taught is output as the movement of turning machine, and the actual machining is performed. In the our system, we have implemented a function that avoids interference between the tool and workpiece and limits the depth of cut in order to avoid excessive cutting. The usefulness of developed system is confirmed through machining experiments.

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