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Development of Turning Machine Operation Interface that Uses Haptic Device
(Application to Complicated Cutting by Special Byte)

Koichi Morishige and Miharu Nakada

Proceedings of 49th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CIRP-CMS 2016), 111 G4-11 (Stuttgart Commundo Hotel, Stuttgart, Germany, May 25-27, 2016)

This study aims to develop the turning system using a haptic device as a new operation interface that enable to cope with machining complicated shapes intuitively. The haptic device is very useful for interface because it can provide the user with sensations of physical force, such as shocks or vibrations, in the virtual space. In previous reports, we have already proposed some applications of the haptic device to interface of CAM software and machine tool. Operating the virtual tool with the haptic device, the sensations of force function guides the operator to suitable operation by limiting tool movement, the operator can make NC program for complicated turning process that will be difficult for conventional methods. In this report, the trial system developed in the previous research that could cope with simple turning operations was extended to cope with more complicated operations. An original tool with special shape was made for a target shape, and a function of tool collision avoidance that can cope with the special tool was also developed. The usefulness of developed system was actually confirmed through some machining experiments using NC program that was generated by using the system.

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