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Tool Path Generation for 5-Axis Rough Cutting Using Haptic Device

Koichi Morishige and Satoshi Mori

International Journal of Automation Technology, Vol.14, No.5, pp.808-815 (2020.9)

CAM software is generally used to generate tool paths for 5-axis controlled machining. However, adjusting its several parameters and settings is difficult. We propose a system for tool path generation to be applied to 5-axis controlled machining. The system allows machining movements to be established by manipulating haptic devices in a virtual environment. Therefore, the cutter location for 5-axis machining can be easily controlled by operating a virtual cutting tool. The contact between the cutting tool and the target shape is reflected to the user through the haptic device. The generated path can be converted into a numerical control program for the actual machining of the target object. We detail the implementation of the proposed interface using two haptic devices and amethod of tool path generation that improves rough cutting by smoothing the generated cutting points and simplifying the tool postures. The effectiveness of the developed system is confirmed through machining simulations.

Before smoothing After smoothing

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