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Development of Operation Planning Support System using XML Database of Machining Information

Koichi Morishige and Yuma Sato

Proceedings of 2008 International Symposium on Flexible Automation (2008 ISFA), CD-ROM, JL018, (Atlanta, GA, USA, June 23-26, 2008)

Objectives of this study are development of operation planning support system that uses standardized machining information. First, machining information of tool, holder, machine tool, etc. are standardized by creating database based on XML technology. The developed system consists of XML database of machining information and some software modules. The cutting condition determination module determines cutting condition, the tool path generation modules generate cutter location data, and the post-processor module generates NC data, while referring to XML database. Also, the system adopts case-based reasoning technique in each module, which uses product data stored in the system as a machining case. The system is mounted on a personal computer that is connected with 5-axis controlled machine tool. The result shows that the system enables sequential operations from determination of cutting condition to actual machining only by inputting bare minimum of information, and labor saving in operation planning is confirmed.

Configuration of developed operation planning support system

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