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Polishing Process Automation by Industrial Robot withPolished Surface Quality Judgment Based on Image Processing
- Visual Inspection Based on Pattern Matching -

Ken Okamoto, Koichi Morishige

Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 523-524, pp 481-486 (2012)

The study deals with automation of polishing process by using an industrial robot. In polishingprocess, full automation of polishing work has not been achieved because of difficulty in visual inspection. Judgment of whether polishing is sufficient or not has been performed by skilled workers in the present situation. In the previous research, generation of robot program for polishing operation using CAD/CAM was already proposed. In this proposed polishing system, a CCD camera mounted at an end effector of 6-axis control robot, captures image of polished surface. Using polished surface image, we developed automatic judgment of polished surface quality based on image processing which uses discrete Fourier transformation. However, the proposed image processing method cannot judge the tilted or curved cutter mark pattern. The purpose of this study is to develop automatic judgment method for general cutter mark pattern. In this report, we improved proposed judgment method using discrete Fourier transformation, and developed judgment method which uses computer vision. We utilize computer vision as a means to judge existence or nonexistence of cutter marks. As a result, the developed system allows the automatic polishing that includes surface quality judgment.

Result of visual inspection (curved tool path)
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