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Evaluation of Polishing Surface Based on Image Clarity

Ryo Oshima, Koichi Morishige

Proceedings of The 19th International Conference on Mechatronics Technology (ICMT), B22 (ID74) (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan, November 27-30, 2015)

Wefve been approaching an automation of polishing process by using an industry robot. The full automation of polishing process has not been achieved due to difficulty in visual inspection. Since then, the judgement of whether polishing is sufficient or not has been essential for skilled workers. In the previous report, we focused on the presence or absence of cutter mark pattern on polishing surface. However, this method canft be evaluated until the end of polishing. Therefore, a method that can evaluate the roughness of polishing surface is required. In this report, we focus on the relation between roughness of polishing surface and image clarity, and propose the judgement method using similarity to evaluate image clarity. As a result, the effectiveness of the proposed method was confirmed through some experiments.

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